Lake Kaniere

Maritime New Zealand is holding a meeting for the public to learn more about the mixed usage plan that has been put in place for Lake Kaniere.

Date: 12 December 2017
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Hokitika Beachfront Hotel, O’Connor Room.

About the new plan

The updated plan outlines new areas for various activities on the lake including:

  • Reserved areas for water skiing established at the north end of the lake.
    These will be familiar to regular lake users, as they are similar to what has been in practice for the last few years - as proposed under the 2008 draft navigational safety plan.
  • A shoreline available on at least one side of a water skiing area to allow boats to park up (at anchor or beached) between skiing sessions - otherwise ski boats would park in the lane itself, and obstruct active users.
  • Separate areas for swimmers at Sunny Bight and Hans Island.

Lake Kaniere usage plan

Signage at the lake will be updated to reflect the new plan.

Historic consultation

Maritime NZ invited submissions on a proposal to establish a “Lake Kaniere Mixed Usage Plan” to promote the simultaneous use and separation of activities at the lake to enhance navigational safety.

The consultation document is available below:

Download Invitation to comment[PDF: 621kB, 10 pages]

The deadline for making a submission was Friday 29 September 2017.

Summary of submissions

A total of 37 submissions were received on the proposed plan. The majority of submitters favoured the implementation of a mixed usage plan but expressed concerns around the placement of the swim zone at Sunny Bight and the ski zone between Sunny Bight and Canoe Cove. There was general agreement that the western and eastern shore ski zones and Hans Bay swim zones were well placed and in general alignment with the draft navigation safety plan proposed in 2008.

The concerns expressed around the placement of ski zones related to the environmental impacts and noise pollution. However submitters spoken to accepted the need to provide designated zones to separate activities to ensure fair access for all lake users. Several submitters suggested removal of part 91 rules from rest of lake and permanent spend uplifting around Slip Bay. While these suggestions have merit, they are outside the scope of this review, but may be revisited at a later date.

Latest rule updates

Rules Amendments

The 2016 rule amendments correct minor errors contained in the rules to make them easier and clearer to read and understand.

View these amendments