Maritime NZ clarifies which operators can carry passengers during the America’s Cup

24 November 2020

Maritime NZ is advising operators intending to carry fare paying passengers to watch the America’s Cup they need to be in a recognised safety system.

Maritime NZ’s America’s Cup Programme Manager Kelly Garmonsway said anyone wanting to operate commercially during the Cup will need to operate under MOSS – the Maritime Operator Safety System - or another recognised safety system, unless they apply for and hold an exemption from doing so.

For current operators, if your MOSS plan states that your area of operation includes Auckland inshore limits and your activities include carrying passengers, you can continue operating within the limits of your Maritime Transport Operator Plan during the America’s Cup.

If your current area of operation doesn’t include Auckland’s inshore limits and/or your activities don’t include carrying passengers, please contact Maritime NZ for advice on what you need to do.

During the America’s Cup, Maritime NZ will be checking for unlawful operators and there will be consequences for any operator caught without the appropriate certification or exemption, Garmonsway said.

“Maritime NZ is focused on ensuring a safe, secure and clean America’s Cup event. We're working to ensure that legitimate operators are easily identifiable to the public via a Look for the Flag campaign.

“We’re also reminding people how commercial operations and recreational boating are different. If you’re earning money or receiving any form of benefit from a third party from using your vessel, it’s likely to be commercial and you need to be in a safety system.

“Everyone’s situation is unique and we take that into account. If you have questions or want to take paying passengers and don’t currently qualify, have a chat with one of our helpful Maritime Officers – they will walk you through what you need to do.”

Find your local Maritime Officer on Maritime NZ’s website:

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