Achilles Bulker update 1

31 July 2023

A Maritime NZ detention notice is in place against a log carrying vessel, currently anchored off Tauranga.

On Monday 24 July, the Panamanian flagged Achilles Bulker was departing Tauranga, bound for China when it encountered steering problems. It was subsequently determined that the rudder had disconnected from the ship during the outbound pilotage.

The vessel remains anchored off Mount Maunganui, and the rudder was recovered by divers last week and brought to shore.

The detention notice means the vessel is prohibited from leaving Tauranga until the certain conditions have been satisfied.

Due to the rudder failure, the Achilles Bulker will need to be towed to a dry dock for repairs.

The owners of the vessel are responsible for managing the towage process.

Maritime NZ is working closely with the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the Port of Tauranga on the arrangements to bring the vessel back into Tauranga to remove the cargo of logs before it can be towed.

Maritime NZ has started an investigation into the rudder failure.

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