Shiling to depart Wellington for Singapore

07 July 2023

Maritime NZ has lifted the detention order it previously imposed against the container ship Shiling.

This means the vessel has satisfied the imposed conditions, and it can now depart New Zealand for Singapore.

It will leave at about 3.30 PM this afternoon (7 July).

Over the last three months, the Shiling broke down twice in and around New Zealand waters; resulting in two significant stays in Wellington while repairs were undertaken.

While the imposed conditions have been satisfied; the Shiling’s owners have agreed to have the vessel escorted by the MMA Vision (a vessel capable of emergency towage) to 200 nautical miles off New Zealand coast.

“This is an extra layer of protection to keep the crew on the vessel and New Zealand safe,” Maritime NZ’s Deputy Chief Executive, Regulatory Operations Deb Despard says.

“Maritime NZ wants to assure people in New Zealand, we have taken this vessel’s issues very seriously.

Over the last week and a half the Shiling has undertaken a range of trials to show it can satisfy the necessary requirements to be released from its detention.

“These started with testing the engine alongside the berth at CentrePort, then progressing to harbour trials and finally an open sea trial south of Wellington, with a tug escort throughout.”

The trials were overseen by the vessel’s classification society* and an overseas technician for the main engine manufacturer.

“These played a key role in checking the vessel for issues, and reassuring us (Maritime NZ) and other parties involved that the vessel has satisfied the conditions previously imposed, and can undertake the journey to Singapore,” Deb Despard says.

The process around managing the Shiling has involved a range of organisations from us (Maritime NZ) as the local regulator, our counterpart in Singapore, the Wellington Harbourmaster, CentrePort as well as private companies; including towage providers, insurers and the owners of the vessel.  

Maritime NZ will continue to monitor its movements out of New Zealand waters. 

The vessel’s flag state (Singapore) has ordered it travel directly to Singapore.

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