Maritime response Farewell Spit update 1

12 May 2023

Maritime NZ’s Rescue Coordination Centre NZ is responding to a Mayday request from the Singaporean cargo vessel the Shiling.

It put out the Mayday call about 11 am, 12 May. It initially put a request through for assistance at 8.27 am.

The vessel is situated 22 nautical miles North North-West of Farewell Spit.

RCCNZ is communicating with the vessel.

An ocean going tug out of Taranaki has dispatched to tow the vessel to a safe location. It is expected to be on at the location of the Shiling by 4 PM, 12 May (today).

Due to where the vessel is, there is no risk of it running aground prior to the arrival of the ocean going tug.

There are 24 crew members on-board.

Maritime NZ’s Rescue Coordination Centre NZ has placed assets from NZ Police, Coastguard, and St John Airdesk on standby and will be tasking the assets as required.

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