Maritime response Farewell Spit update 6

13 May 2023

The stricken vessel Shiling will remain under the tow of the ocean going tug the Skandi Emerald overnight.

The container ship made a mayday call at about 11 am, 12 May (yesterday), it initially requested assistance after it lost power and steering yesterday morning.

The mayday call was lifted after the Shiling was connected to the Skandi Emerald at about 4.30 PM, 12 May.

Shiling remains under control of the towing vessel Skandi Emerald ., and it will stay at its current location overnight.

Weather conditions continue to remain favourable. The vessel owner is continuing to work on future passage plans.

The crew are safe and the vessel is sound.

Maritime NZ is actively monitoring the situation.

This will be the final update today. 

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