Nine 40 series rule exemptions come into effect

12 February 2018

Maritime surveyors have welcomed nine 40 Series rule exemptions that will assist commercial operators in complying more easily with Maritime Rules relating to ship design, construction and equipment.

The adoption of new technology and more modern equipment in the maritime domestic sector has simply run ahead of current rules that were implemented back in 2000, says Clayton Dias, Principal Technical Advisor at Maritime NZ.

“These general exemptions - that relate, for example, to equipment such as lifting devices and means of exit - provide an equivalent acceptable solution to comply with the current rules,” he says.

“We’ve made these practical changes after consultation with surveyors and operators about their needs.”

“These exemptions are consistent with the high standards that are expected for vessel design, construction and equipment in the maritime sector.  These will be included in a comprehensive, overall review of the 40 Series,” says Mr Dias.

Surveyor Rupert Shaw applauds Maritime NZ for their initiative and efforts.  “The exemptions enable more practical vessel compliance and survey consistency while the full set of rules are reviewed in the long term.”

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