Maritime NZ consulting on Maritime Levy and fees - have your say!

6 November 2018

Consultation opens today on changes to the Maritime Levy and fees - also known as the Maritime NZ Funding Review.

“Maritime NZ is focused on being an efficient, responsive, and cost-effective regulator and making sure New Zealand’s maritime safety, security and marine environmental interests are addressed effectively,” says Director Keith Manch.

The review is a necessary part of ensuring that the appropriate funding is in place for the next six years, so we can meet the standards expected of a modern regulator.”

This means  better international engagement; more focus on targeting areas of greatest risk to safety, security and the marine environment; and changes to Maritime NZ’s compliance systems so it’s easier for operators to do the right thing.

“We are primarily looking for feedback on four key things in this consultation,” says Mr Manch. These are:

  • a revised allocation method for the Maritime Levy
  • changing seafarer certification fees that currently range from $372 to $1105 to a single fee of $368, with the balance from the Maritime Levy
  • moving routine domestic audit fees into the Maritime Levy
  • a single hourly rate of $245 for activities charged based on actual time taken, rather than the six rates ranging from $231 to $313 we have now.”

The proposals have come about not only as a result of how the organisation has developed over last six years, but from feedback from industry and independent economic advisors during the lead up to this consultation.

“We are committed as an organisation to meeting public, industry and Government expectations by delivering fit-for-purpose maritime safety, security and marine protection activities,” says Mr Manch.

Revising the allocation method for the Maritime Levy, for example, would ensure the levy is fair, transparent and easy to administer.

In addition, having one lower fixed fee for all seafarer certifications would allow us to lower the potential barriers to people wanting to work in the industry and to simplify the application process.”

Other potential benefits of the proposals include MOSS operators and domestic SOLAS vessel operators seeing the fees for routine audits moved into the Maritime Levy, so they are treated the same as foreign operators.

Interested in having your say?

You have until 5pm on Friday 18 January 2019 to make a submission on the proposed changes.

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