Maritime NZ’s Response to External Security Consultants’ Inquiry

18 December 2018

The State Services Commissioner Peter Hughes has published the final report of an Inquiry into the use of external security consultants by Crown Agencies.

The Terms of Reference for the Inquiry were to identify and report on:

  1. the circumstances of, and reasons for, any engagement by Crown Agencies of external security consultants including, but not limited to, Thompson & Clark Investigations Limited (TCIL) and its associated companies and entities;
  2. the nature and outcomes of any such engagement; and
  3. the nature of the relationship between current and former employees of Crown Agencies and TCIL and its associated companies and entities.

A copy of the Final Report of the Inquiry is available on the State Services Commission’s website at Maritime NZ welcomes the outcome of the Inquiry and has proactively published the material it provided to the Inquiry and its response to a request for official information relating to TCIL.

Maritime NZ’s response to the Inquiry[PDF: 14.5MB, 162 pages] Maritime NZ’s response to Official Information Act[PDF: 5.02MB, 53 pages]

The review process identified two historical matters relevant to Maritime NZ that were found not to have breached the state sector Code of Conduct. The findings of the Inquiry will inform future developments and decisions on code of conduct related issues.