Commercial sector research

Commercial research
a group of seafarers on a lrage commercial fishing vessel work between nets and buoys.

Together with key sector and industry stakeholders, WorkSafe NZ designs and implements interventions and programmes which aim to significantly reduce workplace fatalities and harm. Maritime NZ fulfills similar functions for maritime activities, including commercial fishing.

To carry out these functions, WorkSafe NZ and Maritime NZ need to have a clear understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of both workers and employers towards health and safety.


Industry surveys

WorkSafe NZ and Maritime NZ are interested in finding out about how attitudes and behaviours are changing over time and how they vary by industry. To do this, these agencies have funded comprehensive surveys of health and safety attitudes and behaviours amongst a number of high risk industries, including commercial fishing.

2017 - Health and Safety Attitudes and Behaviour Survey – Commercial Fishing

Research company Nielsen surveyed commercial fishing operators and workers nation-wide on health and safety and compiled the results for WorkSafe NZ and Maritime NZ. The results show employers are placing more importance on health and safety, and taking ownership of health and safety in the commercial fishing sector.

2017 survey - full report [PDF: 5MB, 146 pages] 2017 survey - 2 page summary [PDF: 52kB, 2 page]


2014 Commercial Fishing Sector Research

2014 survey of attitudes and behaviours [PDF: 4MB, 207 pages]