Recreational boating

Whether you have a kayak, personal water craft, waka, sail or power boat, you must know the rules, have the right equipment, and be a responsible skipper.
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Learn about our latest safety campaign and messages for recreational boaties.

Safety campaigns

Read about the events and initiatives supporting Maritime NZ’s safety campaigns and messages.

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Boating clubs and organisations can organise  racing, time trials, regattas and more in their local waterways.

Maritime events

Find the requirements, information and application details for planning a boat race, rally or regatta.

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Our key safety messages address the common factors that contribute to deaths in recreational boating.



Check your gear



Applying for a temporary maritime event

Regional safety information

The basics

Learn about responsibilities, the essential gear you need, boat maintenance, avoiding accidents and more.

You and your boat

Skipper responsibilities

Before you go out


Taking your boat overseas

Rules on the water

It is your responsibility to know and understand the rules before heading out.

Rules on the water

Boating courses

Coastguard Boating Education have a range of training and education opportunities for boaties, experts and schools.

Boating courses

Our safety campaign

Learn about our latest safety campaign and safety messages for recreational boaties.

Our safety campaigns

Our safety strategy

Boating research