Recreational boating

COVID-19 response information

We are currently at Alert Level 1

Recreational water-based activities at Alert Level 1

During COVID-19 Alert Level 1, you can do all recreational water-based activities, provided you can do them safely.

To enable contact tracing, please keep track of where you’ve been and who you’ve seen, and good hygiene and cleaning practices, as they relate to your particular activity.

More information

More information on Alert Level 1 is available on the Government COVID-19 website:

Further information on public health advice is available on the Ministry of Health website:

You can also find detailed information on recreational activity on the Sport New Zealand website:

You can also find Alert Level 1 transport information on the Ministry of Transport website:

Related information:
The Safer Boating guide covers essential information for recreational boaties on the sea, river and lakes of New Zealand.

Safer Boating Guide

This booklet gives you essential information for an enjoyable and safe time on the water.

[PDF: 3.87MB, 13 pages]

Maritime NZ encourages recreational boaties to use apps built for maritime use.

Maritime on mobile

Get updates, weather forecasts, relevant local information and more on your smartphone.

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Our key safety messages address the common factors that contribute to deaths in recreational boating.



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Rules on the water

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Rules on the water

Boating courses

Coastguard Boating Education have a range of training and education opportunities for boaties, experts and schools.

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