You and your boat

Read some tips that will help keep your boat in safe working condition.

1. Prep your boat before hitting the water

Whatever sort of boating you are planning to do, you need to prep your boat, check your safety gear, and know the rules.

Our boating expert provides tips to ensure your boat will get you and your whanau back safely.

2. Get your engine serviced

Make sure your boat’s engine is up to the job. Schedule an annual service and make regular visual checks.

Maritime New Zealand
Some simple preventative maintenance you can do to your boat to ensure is runs safely on the water.

3. Check and change your fuel

Ensure you have fresh fuel before you go

If your boat has been out of the water for a while, it pays to replace old fuel with clean, fresh fuel.

Boating expert says to ensure you have fresh fuel before you head out this season so you can make it back from a day on the water.

Never assume your trip will run exactly according to plan - always plan to use a third of your fuel for the trip out, a third for the trip back, and have a third in reserve for unexpected events.


Maritime NZ
See our refuelling tips and precautions for on-board and portable fuel tanks.

4. Check your battery

Make sure the boat’s battery is professionally checked so that it will be capable of operating all electric equipment and have enough strength to start the motor.

After lying idle over winter, batteries have a habit of providing a start or two before failing completely.


5. Do a good once-over

Take a thorough look and make sure everything on your boat is in good working order.

Start in one place and work your way around the boat, checking everything, inside and out. If you find anything that is damaged or worn, repair it properly or replace it.

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