Safer Boating Week 2023 resources

This year’s theme is ‘Come Home Safe’

We want all Kiwis to be safe out in the water this summer. Wearing a lifejacket, taking two forms of communication and checking and understanding the weather forecast are essential to ensure you have fun and come home safely.


Download our resource packs

These resources are free and available for you to utilise for Safer Boating Week (SBW) and the start of the summer period. In this pack you will find:

SBW social media

  • Social media assets (1080x920 Facebook tiles and x2 frames for IG stories (note these IG frames are to be posted together).
  1. General safety
  2. Life jacket
  3. Marine forecast
  4. Two forms comms
  5. Suggested copy to go alongside posts (excel sheet)
SBW 2023 social media resources [ZIP: 11Mb, 12 files]


Other SBW resources

  1. Team/Zoom background
  2. Email signature block
  3. Poster
  4. Flyer
Other SBW 2023 resources [ZIP: 10.9Mb, 4 files]