Our safety strategy

The national recreational boating safety strategy uses a combination of education and targeted legislation to address the key risk factors in recreational boating fatalities.

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About our safety strategy

Our current focus is on skipper responsibility and the four key risk factors in fatal and non-fatal accidents:

  • failure to wear lifejackets in small craft
  • not being able to communicate when an accident happens
  • bad weather and sea conditions
  • alcohol (a significant cause of accidents and fatalities).

These issues were identified in the most recent strategy review by the New Zealand Safer Boating Forum, which tested and evaluated the effectiveness and relevance of the previous safety approach. Research findings and recommendations from the forum were used as a base for developing a new strategy.

Building on existing safety interventions, the new strategy offers a refreshed approach to reducing harm arising from the use of recreational craft in New Zealand’s coastal and inland waters.

Strategic Plan 2015-2018[PDF: 95kB, 1 page]

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2014 Safety strategy review[PDF: 2.03Mb, 163 pages]

Safety campaigns and initiatives for boaties

Our boating campaigns aim to address issues and educate recreational boaties.

Our current campaign

In our latest advertising campaign, we challenge men to stop taking risks and to wear their lifejackets.

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