Marine Protection Rules Part 199

Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships

The Maritime Protection Rules Part 199: Prevention of Air Pollution from Ships (Part 199) brings the requirements of Annex VI into effect in New Zealand law. Part 199 comes into force progressively from 26 August 2022.

Current version of Part 199

This rule applies to:

  • Commercial and recreational New Zealand ships at all times
  • foreign ships while voyaging in New Zealand jurisdiction.

Part 199 does not apply to:

  • Warships
  • any ships of the New Zealand Defence Force
  • ships that only voyage in inland waters such as lakes and rivers.
Marine Protection Rules Part 199 [PDF: 692kB, 87 pages]

Part 199 gives effect to the regulations in MARPOL Annex VI. Annex VI of MARPOL seeks to address the impact of air pollution from shipping activities on human health and environments in and around port communities, and the impacts of emissions from shipping activities on climate change and ozone layer depletion.

In July 2021, Maritime NZ conducted public consultation on a draft version of the rule. Twenty three submissions were received. The summary of the submissions is included in the pdf of the final rule from page 97.


History of Part 199



This Part was amended by Marine Protection Rules Part 199 Amendment 2023. This amendment comes into force on 7 February 2024. 

Marine Protection Rules Part 199 Amendment 2023 [PDF: 345kB, 7 pages]


Amendments to Part 199 and new maritime transport instrument in force

These amendments to Part 199 ensure the NOx emissions regime is fair and workable for domestic ships, enable the creation of two types of transport instrument for technical and detailed requirements under the Rule and make a number of minor and technical amendments.


One transport instrument has been created and comes into force on 1 January 2023, allowing alternative forms of evidence to be used to demonstrate that some types of engines comply with the MARPOL Annex VI NOx emission levels.


The second type of transport instrument will enable the Director to approve equivalents to requirements in the rules, and will be consulted on and created in the future as needed.

Marine Protection Rules Part 199: Amendment 2022 [PDF: 13Mb, 17 pages]

Suspension lifted on section C3

The suspension of section C3 was lifted on 29 November 2022. These rules enter into force on 1 January 2023.

Suspension lifted on some parts

The suspension of all parts of the rules except section C3 was lifted on 27 October 2022. These rules will enter into force on 25 November 2022.

New part comes into force

Part 199 entered into force on 26 August 2022.
Note: Some parts of Part 199 are currently suspended and will come into force at a later date.

New part signed

Part 199 was signed into law by the Transport Minister on 16 March 2022.

Part 199: Original rule [PDF: 15Mb, 110 pages]

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