Maritime Transport Instrument MTI-404.44-1

Maritime Transport (Anchor and mooring equipment, including cables) Instrument (also referred to as MTI 404.44-1)

Overview of Maritime Transport Instrument MTI-404.44-1

What this maritime transport instrument does

Maritime transport instrument MTI-404.44-1 (referred to in rule 404.44) sets out further requirements in relation to anchor and mooring equipment, including cables.


This maritime transport instrument comes into force on the same date that Maritime Rules Part 404 Design, Construction, and Equipment – New Zealand Cape Town Vessels and Foreign Cape Town Vessels comes into force.

Section 5 required standards to meet compliance

Section 5 of maritime transport instrument MTI 404.44-1 sets out the two options required to be compliant.

Download MTI 404.44-1 [PDF: 325kB, 7 pages]


Materials incorporated by reference in Maritime Transport Instrument MTI-404.44-1

There are currently no materials incorporated by reference for MTI-404.44-1


History of Part 404.44-1


MTI suspended

This MTI comes into force on the same date that Part 404 comes into force.

New MTI signed

MTI 404.44-1 was signed on 17 March 2023.

MTI 404.44-1 Original [PDF: 673kB, 5 pages]