Class and general exemptions from the requirements under specific maritime rules that have been granted by Maritime NZ.

Class exemptions

EXA-940 Maritime Transport (Class Exemption – Radiocommunication Equipment) Notice 2023 [PDF: 726kB, 8 pages] EXA-720 Maritime Transport (Class Exemptions Non-Metallic Piping (Seawater Pipes)) Notice 2022 [PDF: 720kB, 4 pages] EXA-719 Maritime Transport (Class Exemptions Non-Metallic Piping (Bilge Piping)) Notice 2022 [PDF: 984kB, 5 pages] EXA-718 Maritime Transport (Class Exemption — Angle of GZmax for Fishing Ships) Notice 2022 [PDF: 744kB, 4 pages] EXA-717 Maritime Transport (Class Exemption Sailing Ship Hull Openings (Portlights Below Weather Deck)) Notice 2022 [PDF: 781kB, 4 pages] EXA-704 Maritime Transport (Class Exemption — Self-Closing Doors to Machinery Spaces) Notice 2022 [PDF: 741kB, 5 pages] EXA 702 Maritime Transport - Class Exemption - Lifting Appliances and Loose Cargo Gear - Notice 2024 [PDF: 254kB, 6 pages] EXA-691 Maritime Transport (Class Exemption — Carriage of Personal Flotation Devices on Stand-up Paddleboards in Surfing Zone) Notice 2022 [PDF: 656kB, 4 pages] EXA-193 - Exemption from the requirements in 90.21(2), 90.23 and 90.24(1) [PDF: 843kB, 6 pages]


General exemptions

GE-20-20 - Exemption from 40D.68 Appendix 3.3, 43.15 Narrow-band direct printing [PDF: 148, 2 pages] GE-13-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 40A.60, 40C.56, 40D.73 and 40E.57 [PDF: 328kB, 2 pages] GE-12-20 - Exemption from the requirements in Maritime Rule 32.12(1)(C)(i) and 32.12(1)(C)(ii) [PDF: 516kB, 1 page] 205-EX-19 - General exemption from 40F.9(3) (light crafts) [PDF: 688kB, 1 page] 190-EX-19 - General exemption from 40D.83 (periodic audit every 2 years for fishing ships less than 6m) [PDF: 727kB, 1 page] 189-EX-19 - General exemption from 40A.64 (periodic audit every 2 years on diving ships less than 6m) [PDF: 669kB, 1 page] 163-EX-18 NZ medical practitioners (Ring-fenced certificates) [PDF: 591kB, 1 page]