Maritime Rules Part 140

Discharge of Noxious Liquid Substances Carried in Bulk

Current version of Part 140

This rule applies:

  • all ships carrying noxious liquid substances in bulk as cargo
  • New Zealand ships, warships and other ships of the New Zealand Defence Force operating outside the New Zealand coastal marine area and within internationally recognised “special areas”
  • foreign ships operating within areas of the sea under New Zealand jurisdiction are subject to the reporting requirements of Part 140.

Download Maritime Rules Part 140[PDF: 100kB, 14 pages]

Part 140 sets out the permitted operational discharges into the sea of cargo residues from noxious liquid substances carried in bulk by chemical tankers. The rules set limits on total quantity and concentration of discharges, and specifies minimum water depths and distance from land. More stringent discharge conditions apply to those substances that are categorised as most harmful to the marine environment.

The Part also contains requirements for the carriage of uncategorised noxious liquid substances from New Zealand.

The rules further provide for the reporting of non-operational discharges of noxious liquid substances to the appropriate coastal authorities.

Part 140 gives effect to standards found in Regulations 6 and 13 of Annex II of MARPOL 73/78 and to Protocol I of that instrument.

Material incorporated by reference

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History of Part 140



This Part was amended by Marine Protection Rules Various Amendments (Changes Related to Conventions) 2017, in February 2018.

Maritne Protection Rules Various Amendments 2017 [PDF: 2.23MB, 23 pages]



This Part was amended by Marine Protection Rules Various Amendments 2014, in 2015.

Marine Protection Rules Various Amendments 2014 [PDF: 411kB, 13 pages]



This Part was amended by Marine Protection Various Amendments 2010.

Marine Protection Various Amendments 2010 [PDF: 86kB, 27 pages]



This Part was amended by Marine Protection Amendments Rules – Control of Pollution by Noxious Liquid Substances, MARPOL Revised Annex II (Parts 100, 101B, 103, 140, 141, 142A, 142B and 143) in 2008.

Marine Protection Amendments Rules 2008 [PDF: 387kB, 33 pages]


New part comes into force

Part 140 entered into force on 20 August 1998.

New part signed

Part 140 was signed into law by the Transport Minister on 20 May 1998.

Part 140: Original rule [PDF: 2.85MB, 30 pages]