Maritime Rules Part 82

Commercial Jet Boat Operations - River

Current version of Part 82

This rule applies to:

  • Operators and drivers of commercial jet boats that:
    • operate on rivers; and
    • carry passengers; and
    • are less than nine metres in length; and
    • are designed to carry no more that 34 people

Download Maritime Rules Part 82[PDF: 83kB, 23 pages]

Part 82 is intended to limit the likelihood and consequences of serious harm to people on board commercial jet boats operating on rivers. It sets safe design and construction standards for jet boats, sets standards for safety equipment, and establishes safe operating procedures that must be followed by commercial jet boat operators and drivers.

Part 82 also requires drivers to hold a New Zealand Commercial Jet Driver (River) Licence and to meet the competency requirements of the operation in which they drive. MNZ regularly inspects jet boats and safety equipment, and audits operations to ensure continued compliance with Part 82 requirements.

A Commercial Jet Boat Operator Certificate is evidence of continued compliance and must be displayed in a prominent position at the commercial jet boat operation.

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Advisory circulars

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Part 82 advisory circular

[PDF: 295kB, 12 pages]


Material incorporated by reference

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History of Part 82


Safety Guideline

A safety guideline was published for managing risks related to alcohol and other drugs.

Safety Guidelines - Managing Risks: Alcohol and other drugs - raft and jet boat operators, 2013 [PDF: 107kB, 4 pages]



This part was amended by Part 82: Commercial Jet Boat Operations - River: Amendment 2012, in December 2012.

Part 82: Commercial Jet Boat Operations - River: Amendment 2012 [PDF: 98kB, 5 pages]

New part comes into force

Part 82 entered into force on 2 August 2012, replacing section 1 and appendix 1 of Part 80: Marine Craft Involved in Adventure Tourism.

New part signed

Part 82 was signed into law by the Transport Minister on 3 July 2012.

Part 82: Original rule [PDF: 68kB, 21 pages]