Our funding

Find out how we are funded to deliver our functions and services for the maritime sector.

How we are funded

Our funding comes from a combination of:

  • levies (Maritime Levies, Health and Safety at Work Act Levy (the Working Safer Levy), Fuel Excise Duty (FED), Oil Pollution Levies)
  • direct fees
  • Crown funding.


Our main levies are the:

Maritime Levies

Oil Pollution Levies (OPL)

Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) Levy

This funding is allocated to Maritime New Zealand as the designated maritime health and safety regular to undertake HSWA inspections and other activities for the maritime sector.

Fuel Excise Duty (FED)

The FED is paid by recreational boaties when they put petrol in their boats. FED funding is allocated to Maritime New Zealand under section 9(1) Land Transport Management Act 2003. FED funding is for recreational boating safety activities including research, surveys, data analysis, safety awareness education and guidance, outreach campaigns, operational policy development, monitoring, and investigations and prosecutions under the Maritime Transport Act 1994. FED funding also contributes to search and rescue coordination, the provision of navigation aids and maritime distress and safety communications.

Direct fees

These consist of direct fees for activities such as issuing maritime documents (e.g. for entry into the Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS)), seafarer certificates and endorsements, ship registration, and exemptions from rules. These are a combination of fixed fees, hourly rates for actual time taken or reimbursement of expenses.

Crown funding

Crown funding is for activities such as technical policy advice, ministerial services, Crown entity reporting, rules development, international engagement, search and rescue coordination and maritime security.


Current fees

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Enabling regulations

Maritime Levies Regulations 2016 [New Zealand Legislation] Maritime Transport (Oil Pollution Levies) Order 2013 [New Zealand Legislation] Shipping (Charges) Regulations 2014 [New Zealand Legislation] Ship Registration (Fees) Regulations 2013 [New Zealand Legislation] Maritime Security (Charges) Regulations 2016 [New Zealand Legislation]


Changes in our funding

As a transport sector agency, under the Transport Regulatory System Funding Principles, Maritime NZ is required to undertake a full review of fees and levies every six years, with mid-point checks every three years.

A review of maritime levies rates was originally scheduled to occur during 2021/22. Government agreed to delay this review due to the disruption from COVID-19 impacts.

We consulted on a rescheduled funding review over July - August 2023.

Funding review consultation information 2023

Cabinet approved this funding review in April 2024, with effect from July 1 2024.


Our accountability documents

As a Crown entity, Maritime New Zealand has a responsibility to report to parliament and the public on our performance.

For financial statements, summaries and forecasts see our latest Annual Report, Statement of Intent (SOI) and Statement of Performance Expectations (SPE) documents.

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View our statements of intent

Chief Executive’s business expense, gifts and hospitality disclosure

Maritime New Zealand is disclosing the Chief Executive’s expenses, gifts and hospitality as part of its commitment to transparency and accountability.